Amore Learning

Emerson Street Media created a branding video for Amore Learning, highlighting its rapid shift to 'pod learning' during the pandemic, reflecting their commitment to providing essential education resources, and showcasing the positive impact on students and parents.


In-depth conversations with Chloe and Nina Ritch, Amore's Curriculum Coordinator and Head of Consulting, provided invaluable context and insights into Amore's journey and core objectives. These sit-down interviews served as foundational pillars, impeccably framing the trajectory for the subsequent project phases.

On a particularly chilly afternoon, against the backdrop of a Georgetown back patio, we had the privilege of immersing ourselves in various pod learning sessions. This unique vantage point allowed us to intricately document these sessions through footage and interviews involving students, parents, and instructional coaches. Upon culmination, a sense of assurance enveloped us as we recognized the exceptional quality of the captured content, setting the stage for our anticipation of the forthcoming project stages.


During the pre-production phase, our dialogues with Chloe revolved extensively around our conceptual framework and strategy. We broke down the thematic elements and visual aesthetics we aimed to capture. Particularly noteworthy was Amore's rapid transition to 'pod learning' in the immediate aftermath of the pandemic's onset, bridging the gap in children's education and offering an invaluable in-person learning encounter they had yearned for. Our foremost objective lay in illustrating how this strategic pivot yielded remarkable advantages for both young learners and their parents. Emphasizing Amore's pivotal role as a beacon of support for parents during the tumultuous educational landscape was a pivotal insight that we were confident would resonate profoundly.


Produce a captivating branding video for a company that underwent a significant business model transformation within a few years of its inception, driven by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The commitment of Chloe Kaplan, the founder of Amore, to furnish essential educational resources to students and families during the pandemic, despite the challenges, was evident. Recognizing the significance and timeliness of this narrative, we were elated that Chloe and her team wholeheartedly embraced our vision to bring this story to life.


We collaborated closely with Chloe throughout the editing process of the video, ensuring that the final product reflected our shared vision of how we all wanted to tell this story. Ultimately, we felt that the video not only accurately conveyed just some of the many educational challenges created by COVID, but the ways in which organizations like Amore are stepping-up to provide help and reassurance to parents and kids in need. In the video Chloe says, “we got your back”, and if there is one overarching theme of this project, that’s it. 

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