Our Work

Read about how we help our clients meet their strategic communications goals.


Emerson Street Media devised a social media strategy for DISCO, an AI-powered legal tech. After an in-depth competitor analysis, they implemented a content calendar, optimized post timings, and utilized trending hashtags. With continuous refinement and strategic visuals, they achieved consistent monthly growth across DISCO's platforms.

Playfly Sports

Emerson Street Media and CRWN Partners helped Playfly Sports launch a communication campaign that dramatically increased awareness and helped Playfly become the fastest-growing sports media and marketing agency in the U.S.

West, Lane and Schlager

West, Lane and Schlager (WLS), a prominent tenant representation firm in DC, sought Emerson Street Media's expertise to enhance their brand narrative. Through collaborative sessions, a compelling story highlighting WLS's unique offerings was crafted. This revitalized messaging propelled WLS's marketing, resulting in significant business growth.

Counterpart International

Emerson Street Media aided Counterpart International with media training, enhancing their story to donors & policymakers, boosting narrative clarity & confidence.

Ben's Chili Bowl

Emerson Street Media created a branding video for Ben's Chili Bowl, a famous D.C. restaurant, capturing its rich history and essence through interviews and on-site footage, resulting in a product that resonated with the Ali family, owners since 1958.

Heritage Werks

Heritage Werks, a premier heritage agency, partnered with Emerson Street to craft a compelling corporate narrative that highlights their innovative methods to monetize over 100 million assets. After a detailed exploration of Heritage Werks' vast collection in Atlanta and collaboration with their leadership, Emerson Street developed a cohesive narrative. This new storyline now serves as a cornerstone for Heritage Werks' strategic content marketing, enhancing business outreach and consistency in messaging.


Assisting SAP with their 2021 virtual sales conference, Emerson Street Media contributed to scriptwriting, content creation, voiceover work, and strategic counsel, ensuring a successful event that equipped SAP's sales team for the future.

HIS Grooming

Emerson Street was tasked with creating a branding video for HIS Grooming, a unique barbershop in Capitol Hill that extends beyond mere haircuts to encapsulate a community spirit. Through in-depth conversations with the owner, Jared Scott, the team aimed to weave in his dedication, professional ethos, and his notable connection with Representative John Lewis. The final product, carefully curated from multi-camera footage and comprehensive interviews, not only celebrated the essence of HIS Grooming but also deeply resonated with Jared.

Amore Learning

Emerson Street Media created a branding video for Amore Learning, highlighting its rapid shift to 'pod learning' during the pandemic, reflecting their commitment to providing essential education resources, and showcasing the positive impact on students and parents.

Taharka Brothers

Taharka Brothers, a renowned ice cream brand in Baltimore known for its community engagement, partnered with Emerson Street Media for their campaign announcing a shift to an employee-owned, majority black-owned business model. Through strategic media outreach, including crafted story pitches and a press release, the news secured prime coverage in The Baltimore Sun and The Baltimore Business Journal, amplifying Taharka's significant announcement.

rand* Construction

When a sudden building accident occurred at one of rand* Construction's projects over the Christmas holiday, Emerson Street Media was enlisted to manage the communications fallout. Emerson swiftly engaged with rand*, devising a thorough strategic communication plan encompassing press releases and consistent updates. Though the accident's repercussions weren't as dire as initially feared, Emerson remained hands-on, reflecting on their crisis response and supporting rand* throughout.