Emerson Street Media devised a social media strategy for DISCO, an AI-powered legal tech. After an in-depth competitor analysis, they implemented a content calendar, optimized post timings, and utilized trending hashtags. With continuous refinement and strategic visuals, they achieved consistent monthly growth across DISCO's platforms.


With a primary goal of raising brand awareness and visibility, we developed a content calendar that included a variety of post topics, including: DISCO blogs and ebooks, earned media placements, events, speaking opportunities, webinars, thought leadership, and company culture. We drafted post copy that utilized trends and popular hashtags. We also created compelling visuals, images and graphics to accompany each post. At the end of each month, we produced an analytics report that provided an overview of all social performance and then gave a deeper dive into each platform, tracking follower growth, clicks, engagements, impressions and individual post performance. At the end of each report, we supplied DISCO with recommendations for the next month that would further contribute to our overall goal of boosting brand awareness and visibility.


At the beginning of any engagement, our team takes a holistic view of our partner’s social media practices as well as its competitors, taking a look at what is working and what is not. We analyze both the content of each social media post as well as the timing of when content is posted - which can play a critical role in the analytics performance of any post. We developed an analysis report with the company’s top competitors, outlining opportunities and tactics to boost DISCO’s community engagement and drive traffic to its website, as well as a best practices guide, which we then utilized to develop a comprehensive social media strategy.


DISCO, an AI-powered legal technology solution, came to the Emerson Street Media team looking to establish a social media strategy that would allow them to reach untapped audiences, like law firms and litigators in need of a way to accelerate their workflow. Prior to our engagement, DISCO lacked a consistent social media presence across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. We were tasked with conducting an exhaustive competitor analytics, creating a comprehensive social media strategy, and executing on this strategy.


Throughout our entire engagement with DISCO, we continued to refine our social media strategy, implementing new tactics each month to grow the company’s brand across its social media platforms. Utilizing the DISCO brand colors in every graphic we produced contributed to this goal as well as honing our hashtag strategy to ensure our messages were reaching the target audience. By consistently tracking social media analytics, we grew DISCO’s LinkedIn and Instagram followers by 2% and Twitter and Facebook followers by 1% consistently month-over-month, achieving our overarching objective.

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