West, Lane and Schlager

West, Lane and Schlager (WLS), a prominent tenant representation firm in DC, sought Emerson Street Media's expertise to enhance their brand narrative. Through collaborative sessions, a compelling story highlighting WLS's unique offerings was crafted. This revitalized messaging propelled WLS's marketing, resulting in significant business growth.


Following discovery sessions and meetings for both projects, the Emerson Street team devoted a significant amount of thought and effort to constructing these deliverables in a way that not only reflected the perspectives of WLS but also incorporated our strategic recommendations and storytelling expertise. We focused on highlighting the many ways in which WLS provides its clients with exceptional service and how and why they rise above competitors, always writing with an active, forward-looking voice. After several rounds of discussion and dialogue with WLS leadership we achieved the stated objective of both projects. 


The Emerson Street team held numerous meetings -in person, virtual and by phone- with WLS leadership and brokers to understand the narratives they were currently sharing in the marketplace and what they found to be resonating or not. Through pointed questions and deep listening we were able to identify exactly what the WLS team wanted to achieve in telling its story and how to get there. In addition to helping construct the overall WLS narrative we also worked to build out the marketing and sales materials for the Workplace Strategy group within WLS, a separate initiative which employed the same approach as our work with leadership and the brokerage team.


West, Lane and Schlager (WLS) is a well-known, well-respected tenant representation firm in DC, with a focus on clients in the non-profit, associations, tech and law firm sectors. WLS has an established reputation as being deeply focused on each client’s specific needs, providing white-glove, boutique-style service and having unparalleled knowledge of commercial real estate across the DC region. But in 2021 it became clear to WLS leadership they needed to do a better job of telling their story and highlighting their competitive advantages in business proposals, marketing materials and sales outreach. WLS brought in Emerson Street Media to make a difference.


The WLS team immediately began leveraging these new materials in a variety of sales and marketing activations, including new business pitches and proposals. We remained in contact with the team to track the progress of their outreach and offer ongoing counsel and support. WLS expressed tremendous gratitude for our work and approach and said that Emerson Street Media played a critical role in advancing their business and overall growth.

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