HIS Grooming

Emerson Street was tasked with creating a branding video for HIS Grooming, a unique barbershop in Capitol Hill that extends beyond mere haircuts to encapsulate a community spirit. Through in-depth conversations with the owner, Jared Scott, the team aimed to weave in his dedication, professional ethos, and his notable connection with Representative John Lewis. The final product, carefully curated from multi-camera footage and comprehensive interviews, not only celebrated the essence of HIS Grooming but also deeply resonated with Jared.


Through a multi-camera shoot, we captured the activity of HIS on a typical, busy Friday. Not only did we interview Jared, but we also got to speak with his team members, customers and even his father and son. We created a well-organized plan prior to the shoot, and then executed exactly as planned. It was a smooth process and a very enjoyable experience for everyone involved. 


We aimed to tell the story of HIS Grooming through the eyes of owner Jared Scott, a true craftsman of hair committed to the ideals of success, respect, and social justice. We spoke extensively with Jared before the shoot about how he wanted the video to look and feel.  We wanted to tell the story of HIS Grooming and also capture the vibe of the shop in the process.  Jared also had a special personal connection with the late Representative John Lewis, a civil rights icon, and we also wanted to highlight that as part of the HIS story. 


Create a branding video for a Capitol Hill (DC) business that is much more than just your corner  barber shop. It is a community gathering place filled with professional, passionate people dedicated to delivering an exceptional customer experience. At HIS Grooming, it is not just about getting a great haircut, it is about walking out the door feeling great and ready to take on the world. 


Following detailed editing sessions to select just the right shots, music and interview clips, we established a first draft of the video that gave us a very good sense of what we wanted in the finished product. We collaborated with Jared on specific edits and concepts and brainstormed on how to complete the project. In the end, we all felt that the final version of the story truly captured the heart and soul of HIS, delivering a video that made us proud, but most importantly put a big smile on Jared’s face.

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