Playfly Sports

Emerson Street Media and CRWN Partners helped Playfly Sports launch a communication campaign that dramatically increased awareness and helped Playfly become the fastest-growing sports media and marketing agency in the U.S.


Through top-tier media placements, speaking engagements and introductions to numerous reporters, Emerson Street Media and CRWN Partners help increase awareness about Playfly significantly. Earned media was the primary driver of the effort, with the placement of numerous stories in top-tier sports business and ad/marketing trade outlets, including CNBC, Sportico, Sports Business Journal, Adweek, Ad Age, Forbes, Reuters and Yahoo Finance, among others.


We began our engagement with Playfly focused on aggressively driving brand awareness and “flooding the market” with the Playfly name, with a focus on generating media engagement from sports business and ad/marketing trade outlets. We did several discovery sessions, calls and conducted meetings to gain a comprehensive understanding of the Playfly organization, its divisions, leadership and goals. This process produced a clear picture of the messaging and themes that would help propel the campaign.


Playfly Sports launched in September 2020 with the goal of becoming a major player in collegiate, high school, esports, and professional athletics. We collaborated with CRWN Partners in our engagement with Playfly in the Spring of 2021, focused on helping the organization achieve significant growth and ownership of market share through a robust and proactive external communications campaign.


In the short time since its founding, Playfly has become the fastest growing sports media and marketing agency in the U.S., focused on advertising and sponsorship services along with a platforms business. The company’s rapid growth and expansion has been fueled by the significant media footprint established by Emerson Street and CRWN Partners, as well as by the innovative work our firms have done in carving out unique story angles and compelling narratives that have grabbed the attention of sports-related businesses and organizations across the country.

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