rand* Construction

When a sudden building accident occurred at one of rand* Construction's projects over the Christmas holiday, Emerson Street Media was enlisted to manage the communications fallout. Emerson swiftly engaged with rand*, devising a thorough strategic communication plan encompassing press releases and consistent updates. Though the accident's repercussions weren't as dire as initially feared, Emerson remained hands-on, reflecting on their crisis response and supporting rand* throughout.


We quickly developed a strategic plan that included a press release, media statement, messaging points and potential next steps, depending on how the situation unfolded. In addition to the plan, we were in constant contact with rand* leadership to remain up-to-date on this evolving situation, including how they were collaborating with their working partners and the authorities in response to the accident. Our stated focus never wavered as we continued monitoring developments, offering strategic counsel and recommendations over the course of the Christmas week.


The Emerson Street team dropped everything to assist rand*, making it clear that we would be available 24/7, helping them through every step of this situation. We quickly started talking with the rand* team, gathering as much information as possible and considering all the potential repercussions of what was unfolding in real time. We wanted to know all the facts and circumstances but also get a clear understanding rand*’s perceptive on the situation and their ultimate goals and objectives.  


rand* Construction works on buildings across the country, including many throughout the DC-Baltimore region. Over the Christmas holiday break several years ago, an unexpected building accident took place at one of rand*’s projects and the organization needed to act fast to respond to the situation. rand* reached out to Emerson Street Media for guidance on how to handle the situation from a communications perspective, with a focus on immediate action, safety, transparency and the well-being of workers.


Within a few days, it became clear that the impact of this accident was -thankfully- not as severe as initially thought or not nearly as bad as it could have been. Regardless, we continued working with rand* leadership to get a clear understanding of next steps in the process and offered guidance on how to best move forward. Additionally, we analyzed our overall response and determined ways in which we could be more effective in the future. We were pleased with how we jumped into action to help our client respond to a crisis and we believe the rand* team was relieved we were there for them throughout the entire situation.

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